About Us

The Rockin' Raz Ranch brand came from combining the first name initials of my wife Ruthanne, daughter Alicia and son Zoe.  The Rockin' was added just because it was cool!

Ruthanne and I are both service brats and veterans ourselves.  We moved to Central Texas four years ago and feel like we've come home.

Two kids, both grown and living in Louisiana. Our Yellow Lab pup keeps us busy!

We honor our service men and women as best we can.  They can never be repaid enough for what they do!

Other than that we are your normal run of the mill flag waving, God fearing American citizens. If that's still run of the mill?

If you ever get down to the Lone Star State take a drive through the backroads.  You'll see some great country and meet some fine people.  We'll do our best to make you feel at home.

Waco Texas Suspension Bridge. (Click the Pic.)
Rockin' Raz Ranch
"Deep in The Heart of Texas"
Baylor University.
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Texas Longhorn
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Waco Mammoth Site
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A long long time ago on an ocean far far away!
The USS Jonas Ingram DD-938, "The Cadillac of the Fleet".
Bella taking a break
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